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We're the Menascos.....Brian, Liz and Pearl our little Maltipoo puppy.    We have 3 grown sons,  Eric, Bret and Nolan.  And are about 1 year away from embarking on our newest adventure.....Retirement. Liz is a 2nd grade teacher and will teach one more year,  2021-2022.  I would love to retire now,  but as long as Liz is going to summer 2022, I might as well go along.  

We have sold our house, moved into an apartment (which we absolutely love!!), purchased a 2020 Fleetwood Pace Arrow and when we retire will and go full time RV'ing until we find a place to set down shallow roots.  We are looking at all western states, with the exception of California.  We both grew in California but the tax and political direction of the state makes it necessary for us to take our money and run. We will be blogging campground review,  things to do at our National Parks, Photography, and general camping issues.  We have been camping in tents, our tent trailer 25 years ago,  our travel trailer that we purchased in 2014, and now the beast.   Our 37' Fleetwood Pace Arrow.  
I've been a photographer since the 1970's,  and will be the main photographer for our new adventure.  So we will chronicle our travels in both words and photos.  Since I am a child of the 1970's and I have always loved those classic rock tunes,  I  usually try and name my photos after a song title from those times.  Maybe if you are able,  when you look at these images and read the title, you can hear the tune in your head.  We hope you like it.  


My beautiful bride, Liz, our youngest son Nolan and I at Bryce Canyon NP.


Bret Menasco....our middle son and co-owner operator at Art Images Gallery and Framing, which is our fulfillment center for all printing and framing.  


In the middle is our oldest son Eric, his wife....Erica and my younger brother Marty. Picture taken at the grand opening of Art Images Gallery and Framing


Another pic from the grand opening.....Liz, Eric and in the middle our gorgeous niece Tara.  

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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